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Video: Introduction to Samatha Meditation

Produced by UK Samatha Foundation, Wales​


​Join Remote and On-Line Meditation Sessions

with Alameda, Chicago, and UK groups.

The Center will now be open to those who are vaccinated and wearing masks for 2nd and 4th Monday Evening Intro Meditation Classes.



SFNA Practices via Zoom


Monday Evening 7:30-9pm Central Time / 5:30-7pm Pacific

Saturday Morning 10-11:30am Central Time / 8-9:30am Pacific

(exception 12/25 and 12/31 Holidays)

To help us make the transition from zoomed to in-person group practices, and also to provide a cyber-sangha for those practitioners left behind when the universal zooming ends, the North American teachers will institute weekly zoomed practice led by a rota of North American teachers. 


The teachers have agreed to start our exploration with a four-week rota of Mondays at 7:30 pm and Saturdays at 10 am (Central time) (= 2 meetings per week), and run the cycle for three rounds, at which time we will assess and adjust if and as needed.

The model we are using is that provided by the Samatha UK Wednesday pm practice. The only regularity there is that it always includes a practice (of some kind), but otherwise each teacher is free to arrange the session in any way that seems right to them, the one suggestion being that staying with an hour and a half is usual best practice.

Zoom information may be found within the Dhamma Exploration membership area.

  For invitation contact Chris Morray-Jones via email

Samatha Meditation Practice 

Mondays, 7-8:30 pm: with Melanie

Alternating weeks via Zoom

and at the Center  (see Calendar or contact Instructor).

This is an ongoing practicing class currently open to experienced Samatha meditators.

Email for Zoom invitation.

Guided Practice and Dhamma Discussion

Sundays  3-4:30pm Pacific  via Zoom 

(Only on 12/5 and 12/26. See 1/2 event below for 12/12 & 12/19)

Open to those who have learned the stages
of our Samatha practice up to the Settling.
Please note that instruction in meditation
will not be offered at these times.
For Zoom link and invitation,
please see the SFNA Online Samatha Classes list
or contact contact Chris Morray-Jones via email


1/2 Day Meditation Practice

Sundays 12/12 & 12/19

12 noon - 5 pm Pacific  at the Center 

Open to those who have learned the stages
of our Samatha practice up to the Settling.
Please note that instruction in meditation
will not be offered at these times.
Details will be announced via 11/23 email and posted to the Dhamma Exploration Membership area.

Contact contact Chris Morray-Jones via email


Introductory Meditation Instruction

Intro to Samatha Meditation 10-week course on Wednesdays 7-9pm is closed to new participants.

For information about intro courses,

please call (510) 205-3837 (Melanie)

or Email for More Information.

Alameda Center for Buddhist Meditation.

1134-E#8 Ballena Blvd, 2nd Floor

(Outside Staircase with Blue Canopy at end of Middle Wing toward Marina)

Alameda, CA 94501, USA

Guided Meditation Practice

Hosted at the Alameda Center for Buddhist Meditation

Thursdays - 7-8 pm

 Experienced Samatha practitioners (16 stages) are welcome to participate in some chanting and guided meditation. Email for more information.
(Note: Dhamma Exploration discussion will occasionally occur when Chris MJ is in Alameda.   For information, please contact Chris Morray-Jones via email.)

Master List of Zoom Events from the

Samatha Foundation President Tom Lockhart

To view a list of classes currently running on Zoom

Click Here.

These classes and events are intended for those who have learned all sixteen stages of our Samatha breathing-mindfulness meditation practice.


Last Sunday of Each Month

(Next Event: Suspended Until Further Notice):

Two practice sessions at 9 am to noon and 1-4 pm.

All those who have learned all stages of the practice are welcome to attend either or both sessions.

Barring emergencies, please stay

for the whole of each session attended.

(Less experienced meditators welcome to attend

by invitation of their teacher.)

For further information,

please call (510) 459-6741 (Chris Morray-Jones)

or email 

The Alameda Center for Buddhist Meditation is wholly supported by voluntary contributions.
All classes and activities at the Center are offered free of charge.