Classes and Events

 COVID-19 Update: 

Under the Shelter-in-Place order currently in force, all activities at the Center are suspended until further notice.  May you all be well and safe and free from harm.

Message from the Director

Dear all,
In these difficult times, we are challenged to be mindful of impermanence. All beings and things are by nature transient. In our world of constantly changing conditions and events, there is no “thing” that can be grasped and held onto forever, no final security or lasting refuge to be found.

During the Shelter in Place Order

Join Remote and On-Line Meditation Sessions

with Alameda, Chicago, and UK groups

Introduction to Samatha Meditation 

Mondays, 7-8:30 pm: with Melanie via Zoom

Meditation instruction offered from 7 to 7:30;

Practice starts at 7:30.

This is an ongoing practicing class not currently open to beginners. Email for Zoom invitation.

Open Meditation

Sundays  3-4:30pm Pacific  via Zoom 

 Guided Samatha Meditation open to all.

Currently discussing the Parami .

Please note that instruction in meditation

will not be offered at these times.

For invitation contact Chris Morray-Jones via email


Introductory Meditation Instruction

may also be offered by arrangement at other times. 

For further information,

please call (510) 205-3837 (Melanie)

or email 


Video: Introduction to Samatha Meditation

Produced by UK Samatha Foundation, Wales​

Alameda Center for Buddhist Meditation.

1134-E#8 Ballena Blvd, 2nd Floor

(Outside Staircase with Blue Canopy at end of Middle Wing toward Marina)

Alameda, CA 94501, USA

One Week Schedule Change! 

Dhamma-Exploration Group

Hosted by the Alameda Center for Buddhist Meditation

via Zoom on Wednesday 7/8 - 7-9 pm

(not on Thursday 7/9/2020)

 Open to those who have learned all stages of the practice up to the Settling, and

others by invitation of their teacher.  For zoom details see the Dhamma Explorer's Google Group Emails.  Details also published @ Dhamma Exploration Member website area.

Master List of Zoom Events from the

Samatha Foundation President Tom Lockhart

To view a list of classes currently running on Zoom

Click Here.

These classes and events are intended for those who have learned all sixteen stages of our Samatha breathing-mindfulness meditation practice.

Last Sunday of Each Month

(Next Event: Suspended Until Further Notice):

Two practice sessions at 9 am to noon and 1-4 pm.

All those who have learned all stages of the practice are welcome to attend either or both sessions.

Barring emergencies, please stay

for the whole of each session attended.

(Less experienced meditators welcome to attend

by invitation of their teacher.)

For further information,

please call (510) 459-6741 (Chris Morray-Jones)

or email 

The Alameda Center for Buddhist Meditation is wholly supported by voluntary contributions.
All classes and activities at the Center are offered free of charge.